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About Us

SAS Consultants Limited is an established Architectural & Interior Design practice, specializing in the design and construction on a turn-key basis. From our Lagos office, we operate throughout Nigeria. Our in-house resources include well trained and experienced architects, Interior designers, Civil engineers, Electrical and Mechanical engineers. Our installation crew consists of joinery men, architectural metal works fabricators, electricians, plumbers, ceilings and partitions installers, highly experienced civil constructors and projects management team. This enables us to service up N 800 million of turnover per annum and with the additional contribution from our international operations, increases the Nigeria turnover to N 950 million. In the commercial and residential sector, we have undertaken a wide range of quality contracts, with contract values ranging from N 3 million to N 280 million.

At SAS Consultants Ltd, we recognize and aim to satisfy each client\'s individual requirements. Our experience and resources enable us to coordinate fast track programming and exacting cost controls, these are combined with high tech specification, quality finishes and craft skills, essential to achieve a successful project.

We will like to propose some initial ideas on how we could work together to create a conducive and architecturally pleasing office environment for our organization. We believe that solutions are not only based on specifications and prices, but on clear understanding of your functional and design needs, and aesthetics aspirations. We should also like to tell you something about our company our culture and ourselves. A decision about the surrounding in which you and your staffs spend probably the majority of your working hours deserves more than simply a description of architectural features and spatial interplay. It merits deep consideration of what kind of organization you are, the way you work and the vision of your development. These factors shape our response to your environments and your staffs and colleagues can best be provided with surroundings that will enable them contribute to the maximum.

In short, it merits a partnership with a company – ourselves –with the understanding of how office environments can be both a vehicle for growth, efficiency and cost- saving, as well as a source of satisfaction, increased self esteem and pleasure for those that work in them. This site is not in itself, the full answer to your needs. It is an invitation to let us work with you to try to describe and solve those needs. It is, we hope, the start of a process that could permit us to work with you to contribute to your success.

This site details several projects undertaken by SAS Consultants group in recent years to illustrate the diversity and quality of work carried out.


Our gallery consist of albums of some projects handled by SAS, split into groups.